Testar Mcflurry Mississippi Mud Pie

Jag rekommenderar skönhetsprodukter del 2

Här är den andra videon om skönhetsprodukter

Jag rekommenderar skönhetsprodukter del 1

Tips om skönhetsprodukter!

Nästa video kommer om några dagar!


Jag rekommenderar smink

Här är en del make up-produkter som jag fastnat för.

Stay full smooth

This is one of the best concealer I have tried.


And there will come a new video about it on Sunday.

September Grey


Some news from Bik Bok and Mango

Sweater and jeans from Bik Bok


Jeans from Mango

Sweater from Numph


Grey is a color I prefer this time a year!

On Sunday evening there will be a new video. This time about beauty.

If you missed my latest video see below.




Jag testar 4 nya Plopp!!!

Idag har jag testat Plopps 4 nya smaker!!!

Visiting Gran Canaria

I have been here in two weeks now and will go home on Wendsday. More pictures later. 😍

Månadens färg


Jag tycker färgen passar nu i februari då ljuset börjar komma tillbaka. Tröjan är från Lexington såklart då det är ett av mina favoritmärken. 

I Think the colour matches this time of the year since the light come back. More Pictures at SWEGUZZ BLOG


Himla försenad video


Den här första videon visades i somras men av olika skäl kunde jag inte publicera fortsättningen och då det var lovat kommer den andra nu istället.


Här är den då så himla :)






Jacket from North Bend

Sweater from Calvin Klein

Molly highwaist supertretch jeans

Nike Air Shoes


More Pictures at my new blog SWEGUZZ BLOG

Mer bilder i min nya blog SWEGUZZ BLOG

Jag kommer dock även finnas här och Instagram SWEGUZZ





Some Pictures and videos from day 3 in Sardinia. There will be more pictures and videos to day 10. This is from the South of the island but it is more beauty in Norh accordning to me. They come later. Återkom gärna senare för flera...








Sneak peek

The island of Sardinia




I am home in Sweden again. Here are some Pictures and Movies from my wonderful trip to Sardinia. I Went there the 1 of June and my plan was to stay there one week and had a flight ticket back to Sweden but for some reasons I stayed there Three more Days and it was the best thing that could happend. I just love Sardinia. The flight arrived at Olbia Airport, in the North of the Island, in the morning of the 1 of June. After that I took the train to the capital Cagliari and from there a taxi to Sant´Anna Arressi. I stayed there in four Days and after that I Went back to Olbia in the North and stayed outside that city very near to the Pittulongu beach. There will be many more pictures and vidoes from here but right now I need to go to my summer job thats starts today :)








Some new friends I met in the North. We stayed at the same hotel.




The playa is waiting

I am sittning at Arlanda AirPort and waiting for a flight. I need to go away because of what happend in My life... See the inlay fr.o.m. Saturday in Köpenhamn. I am going to an iceland in Europé and many of My friends Will also be there. More pictures Will come of course. I am preparerad for vacation and I Hope My family Will understand...

Some more pictures fr.o.m. Köpenhamn

Here are some pictures fr.o.m. Sunday. I went home in the evening because I had Two job interviwes to go on Monday and Thuesday and also visit My brother. Now I Will be free in 2 weeks. For some reason I had almost the same clothes the whole weekend even though I packed a bag full of things 🙃There Will very soon be a new trip for me But to another country. Look in the week 😋

Pictures fr.o.m. Saturday

My weekend here has been planed. I went here on friday. Now I Will tell something very personal. On wendsday something really bad happend. A person that I know very well almost died and is on hospital. I decided to go here anyway because I Can not do anything about the situation. And I do not regret anything because My friends and all My new friends supported me so much. I Want to say Thanks to all of you . Without you I dont know what to do. Here are some pictures fr.o.m. The party yesterday.

There Will be more pictures later.

Some pictures fr.o.m. Friday

I am in Köpenhamn and visit some friends. They live in the middle of the town and it is so Nice here. Here are some pictures fr.o.m. yesterday. Tonight there Will be a big party in town for special invited. I also Want to thank the boy in the picture. He helped me With My bag fr.o.m. Malmö station to Köpenhamn. There Will be more pictures later 😍

The weekend

I Will spend My weekend in another big city in Norden. The train Will go at 11. More pictures come later....

Some nice things...



Hope Everything is fine with you. I am prepared for the weekend.


This Shower Brush is designed specifically for wet hair and effortless detangling.


And some new Molly highwaist shorts

This is also very convenient to have





This is from California




My cousin R and his wife. They live in Los Angeles.

My brother and my cousin R in their pool

My brother and cousin R

My cousin K with his father, wife and child

And the sweet daughters

They live near Seattle. In the Picture my uncle J who also live near Seattle.



My other uncle and his wife. They also live near Seattle.


First summer pictures - weekend









If you wonder where the pants come from just click HERE

Lite bilder från ikväll

Är ute med curling Marie.