Some Pictures and videos from day 3 in Sardinia. There will be more pictures and videos to day 10. This is from the South of the island but it is more beauty in Norh accordning to me. They come later. Återkom gärna senare för flera...








Sneak peek

The island of Sardinia




I am home in Sweden again. Here are some Pictures and Movies from my wonderful trip to Sardinia. I Went there the 1 of June and my plan was to stay there one week and had a flight ticket back to Sweden but for some reasons I stayed there Three more Days and it was the best thing that could happend. I just love Sardinia. The flight arrived at Olbia Airport, in the North of the Island, in the morning of the 1 of June. After that I took the train to the capital Cagliari and from there a taxi to Sant´Anna Arressi. I stayed there in four Days and after that I Went back to Olbia in the North and stayed outside that city very near to the Pittulongu beach. There will be many more pictures and vidoes from here but right now I need to go to my summer job thats starts today :)








Some new friends I met in the North. We stayed at the same hotel.




The playa is waiting

I am sittning at Arlanda AirPort and waiting for a flight. I need to go away because of what happend in My life... See the inlay fr.o.m. Saturday in Köpenhamn. I am going to an iceland in Europé and many of My friends Will also be there. More pictures Will come of course. I am preparerad for vacation and I Hope My family Will understand...