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Some nice things...



Hope Everything is fine with you. I am prepared for the weekend.


This Shower Brush is designed specifically for wet hair and effortless detangling.


And some new Molly highwaist shorts

This is also very convenient to have












If you wonder where the pants come from just click HERE






Bikini Trosa Panos Emporio

BRA Swegmark

Bolero Bassini




There will be a third Panos Emporio inlay later when the weather is better






Bikini Trosa Panos Emporio

Gant Top in Bikini material

Cap Hollister






The Pictures is a Little bit dark but I will soon get a new iphone :)

I use a Nikon Coolpix s 33 camera. It´s a good camera but some photos...




These are better :)




The cap disappeared :(

Sneak peek





Today I will take the train to Stockholm and then go to the Archipelago of Stockholm for a long weekend.

Sneak peek


Stay sweet











Sneak peek







The Pictures come within a couple of days

But go and se later today for at least 2 more inlays

One from yesterday

And one more about Sthlm

Have a nice morning

Now I will eat breakfast and get ready for today



Earlier Today I was on a long walk. It was perfect.

I love the spring so much.

This molly highwaist superstretch jeans is also perfect.

And they are so soft.









En av säsongens trendigaste färger - Poppy red



This  Poppy red Inez frill knitted sweater is from gina tricot.

You can buy it HERE




The bracelet is from Vera



Today I use an eye shadow from The Body Shop

The jacket is from Esprit


I recommend this Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo from The Body Shop.

You buy it HERE

The Nail polish is also from that store



Sport fashion


I hope you have a nice Saturday. I am little tired since I was out all night with some friends :)Here are some sport fashion from Bik Bok. Viva Jacket and Viva Pants. It is really nice to have some news in the spring. The Colly Earrings are also from Bik Bok, really like these a lot and will definitely use it. The sun-glasses are from Glitter. You can choose between diffferent colours but I prefer pink today since it matches the clothes. The bottle is from Lagerhaus.


You can buy Colly Earrings HERE



You can buy Viva Jacket HERE

You can buy Viva Pants HERE





Shopping from my holiday



Ulrika Plånkbok och Urbanista Hörlurar från  Jet time

Tröja och Byxor från Benetton (Las Palmas)


Ulrika Wallet and Urbanista headphones from Jet time

Jumper and trousers from Benetton


Top, trousers and mini bag from Guess (Las Palmas)




Here are some of my favorite brands that I really recommend.