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Visiting Gran Canaria

I have been here in two weeks now and will go home on Wendsday. More pictures later. 😍


Some Pictures and videos from day 3 in Sardinia. There will be more pictures and videos to day 10. This is from the South of the island but it is more beauty in Norh accordning to me. They come later. Återkom gärna senare för flera...








Sneak peek

The island of Sardinia




I am home in Sweden again. Here are some Pictures and Movies from my wonderful trip to Sardinia. I Went there the 1 of June and my plan was to stay there one week and had a flight ticket back to Sweden but for some reasons I stayed there Three more Days and it was the best thing that could happend. I just love Sardinia. The flight arrived at Olbia Airport, in the North of the Island, in the morning of the 1 of June. After that I took the train to the capital Cagliari and from there a taxi to Sant´Anna Arressi. I stayed there in four Days and after that I Went back to Olbia in the North and stayed outside that city very near to the Pittulongu beach. There will be many more pictures and vidoes from here but right now I need to go to my summer job thats starts today :)








Some new friends I met in the North. We stayed at the same hotel.




Some more pictures fr.o.m. Köpenhamn

Here are some pictures fr.o.m. Sunday. I went home in the evening because I had Two job interviwes to go on Monday and Thuesday and also visit My brother. Now I Will be free in 2 weeks. For some reason I had almost the same clothes the whole weekend even though I packed a bag full of things 🙃There Will very soon be a new trip for me But to another country. Look in the week 😋

Pictures fr.o.m. Saturday

My weekend here has been planed. I went here on friday. Now I Will tell something very personal. On wendsday something really bad happend. A person that I know very well almost died and is on hospital. I decided to go here anyway because I Can not do anything about the situation. And I do not regret anything because My friends and all My new friends supported me so much. I Want to say Thanks to all of you . Without you I dont know what to do. Here are some pictures fr.o.m. The party yesterday.

There Will be more pictures later.

Some pictures fr.o.m. Friday

I am in Köpenhamn and visit some friends. They live in the middle of the town and it is so Nice here. Here are some pictures fr.o.m. yesterday. Tonight there Will be a big party in town for special invited. I also Want to thank the boy in the picture. He helped me With My bag fr.o.m. Malmö station to Köpenhamn. There Will be more pictures later 😍

The weekend

I Will spend My weekend in another big city in Norden. The train Will go at 11. More pictures come later....


This is from California




My cousin R and his wife. They live in Los Angeles.

My brother and my cousin R in their pool

My brother and cousin R

My cousin K with his father, wife and child

And the sweet daughters

They live near Seattle. In the Picture my uncle J who also live near Seattle.



My other uncle and his wife. They also live near Seattle.


Shopping from my holiday



Ulrika Plånkbok och Urbanista Hörlurar från  Jet time

Tröja och Byxor från Benetton (Las Palmas)


Ulrika Wallet and Urbanista headphones from Jet time

Jumper and trousers from Benetton


Top, trousers and mini bag from Guess (Las Palmas)



Pictures from Las Palmas

Here are som Pictures from our day in Las Palmas. It takes one hour with the bus to go there, from Peurto Rico where we stayed in two weeks . It is a nice town and we just had a shopping day. I will show some of the things I found there in the next insertion.


Här är några bilder från våran dag i Las Palmas. Det tar en timme med bus att komma dit, från Peurto Rico där vi var i två veckor. Det är en trevlig stad och vi hade en shopping dag i Las Palmas. Jag kommer visa lite av det jag hittade där i nästa inlägg.



Picture from my holiday Gran Canaria Peurto Rico


Gran Canaria belongs to the African archipelago, an island of the Canary Islands which is part of Spain. It is the second most populous island of these and the third largest island of the archipelago in both area and altitude. Gran Canaria is Located in the Atlantic Ocean about 150 kilometres (93 mi) off the northwestern coast of Africa and about 1,350 km (840 mi) from Europe. The island is of volcanic origin, mostly made of fissure vents. It is located southeast of Tenerife and west of Fuerteventura. Gran Canaria is noted for its rich variety of microclimates. In Peurto Rico, which is located on the south coast of the island, it is often sunny and warm while it is often cloudy and some rain in Las Palmas in north. Las Palmas is the capital of Gran Canaria and was founded on June 24, 1478.


This was my fourth visit on the Island and my seventh visit in the African archipelago. I have been twice on Lanzarote and once on Tenerife but if I go to a Canary Island I prefer Gran Canaria. And it was my third time I visited Peurto Rico. In my view it is the best place on the island. Next time I will buy a house there, DREAM. We hade a lot of sun and much swim in the sea but did some other things too. One day we went to Las Palmas since I had never been there before. And there were some shopping and other fun there. We also went to Amfi beach, since it is near to Peurto Rico, where there is sand from Caribbean. I will show you from Las Palmas in the next insertion.


Gran Canaria, tillhör Afrikas skärgård, en ö som tillhör kanarieörna vilka är en del av Spanien. Det är den näst mest pupulära ön av dessa och den tredje ön i skärgården i både storlek och höjd över havet.  Gran Canaria ligger i Atlanten ungefär 150 kilometer från Afrikas nordvästra kust och ungefär 135 mil från Europa. Den är en vulkanö, mestadels uppkommit genom vulkaniska utbrott. Den ligger sydost om Teneriffa och väster om Fuerteventura. Klimatet på Gran Canaria är väldigt speciellt eftersom ön skapar sitt eget vädersystem, vilket resulterar i väldigt varierat klimat på olika platser runtom på ön. I Peurto Rico som ligger på öns sydkust är det oftast soligt och varmt medan det i Las Palmas som ligger norr är det ofta molnigt och en del regn. Las Palmas är huvudstaden på Gran Canaria och grundades 24 juni 1478.


Det här var fjärde gången jag besökte ön och sjunde gången jag var i den Afrikanska skärgården. Jag har tidigare varit på Lanzarote två gånger och på Teneriffa en gång men ska jag åka till Kanarieholmarna så föredrar jag Gran Canaria. Och detta var tredje gången jag besökte Peurto Rico. Det är enligt min mening den bästa platsen på ön. Nästa gång köper jag ett hus där, DRÖM. Det blev mycket sol och bad såklart men lite annat. En dag besökte vi Las Palmas då jag aldrig varit där innan och då blev det en del shopping och annat skoj. Vi gick även till Amfi beach, då det ligger nära Peurto Rico, där det finns sand från Karibien. Jag kommer visa mer från Las Palmas i nästa inlägg.




Hemma igen! Home again!


Har kommit hem nu från semestern. Den var helt underbar. Kommer skriva mer och lägga ut bilder om ett par dagar. Hoppas ni haft det bra.



I have just got home from the holiday. It was terrific. I will write more in a couple of days. Hope everything is fine with you.





Going to Gran Canaria now



I will write when I come home again!! See u!!

Ã…ker till Gran Canaria nu





Jag skriver när jag kommit tillbaka igen.  Ha det!